Negative Code #1 The Red Camera Code #7b

The eerie glow of the cameras give off sends shivers down my spine but I cling to the hope that they might also serve as my salvation. Perhaps if I comply with their demands and capture their arcane rituals on film, they'll welcome me into their enigmatic fold.

The girl in the flower dress, an ethereal presence amidst the somber congregation, singles me out with a delicate gesture, drawing me closer. With a strange mixture of fascination and trepidation, I watch as she delicately plucks a flower, only to devour it before my eyes. A nervous smile tugs at my lips as she pulls me in for a kiss, confirming that my gambit is paying off—I'm gaining entry into their clandestine film club.

As she retreats to the center of the circle, a hushed reverence falls over the assembled worshippers, each bowing in supplication. I follow suit, drawn toward the flower girl like a moth to a flame. Could there be another kiss awaiting me amidst the shadows?

Her beckoning gesture urges me to capture the unfolding spectacle on film. With a racing heart, I raise the camera to my eye, only to witness her transformation—a chilling metamorphosis that chills me to the core. Fangs gleam in the dim light, and her once-soft gaze now burns with a crimson intensity.

A surge of panic courses through me as warmth spreads across my lips—I recoil, fingers touching a crimson trickle across my lips. I’m bleeding profusely. But before I can comprehend the horror unfolding before me, the circle tightens its grip, ensnaring me in its sinister embrace.

With a silent command, the flower girl directs my gaze upward, and I cautiously comply, capturing the nightmarish scene unfolding above. The colossal Ape, pulsating with malevolent energy, descends from the darkness, now fully alive. Is it an illusion or am i hallucinating. Does anyone else see this. My debate comes to a close as the ape ensnares both the girl and me in its monstrous grasp.

In a flurry of chaos, the once-silent flower girl erupts into screams, salvation proves elusive as the monstrous entity regards us with hunger-filled eyes. In a swift and merciless motion, it chomps upon us, plunging everything into darkness.