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When the Dam Breaks

Recently, the hard drive housing my latest film Noted crashed. the movie was set in front of the Sepulveda Dam in Sherman Oaks, California. The event make me realize i had let the film go. mis management led to the Dam Breaking. I Refrained from editing due to being busy with stressful projects. I let the stress stop my time management. I didn't maintain. Below are some recovered screenshots from the recovered footage. My last Blog has about the current. The Currency. Film being a Currency. I irony of letting the currency dry up which caused the dam to break is a metaphor that is sticking with me. When we chase dollars rather than film we lose. We didn't invent...

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Film is A Current

Film is a Current.  A currency of history.  Transparent gold that changes the world. When you watch a film you don’t see the film. Only its effects.  Film is so powerful it was taken under control of an industry locked away until 8mm enabled everyone to use it.  But 8mm was shunned by the industry.  The power to change the world they had to keep to themselves.  Today the industry  uses Digital.  This is our chance to take the Transparent Gold back!

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Embrace the Grain

Be the grain you want to see in the world. Film grain is not a nasty spec on a piece of film, it is literally what creates the images you see. Tiny silver halide crystals storing the light bounced off the world.   When we see grain in our film photo, its a symbol of joy rather than a blemish on an image. Grain are the building blocks of our photographic joy. Embrace the grain of your life. Focus on the grain rather than the image. Realize the grain is the subject not what your taking a photo of. Seek grain rather than destroy it. To multiply our joy we must multiply our grain. The more refined the grain, the...

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