When the Dam Breaks

Recently, the hard drive housing my latest film Noted crashed. the movie was set in front of the Sepulveda Dam in Sherman Oaks, California. The event make me realize i had let the film go. mis management led to the Dam Breaking. I Refrained from editing due to being busy with stressful projects. I let the stress stop my time management. I didn't maintain. Below are some recovered screenshots from the recovered footage.
My last Blog has about the current. The Currency. Film being a Currency. I irony of letting the currency dry up which caused the dam to break is a metaphor that is sticking with me. When we chase dollars rather than film we lose. We didn't invent dollars we don't own them. The faces on the bills we didn't photograph. Film on the other hands bears the images we place on it. It's important to keep the film flow going and not let stress causes us to Dam the water. It will only lead to mismanagement and destruction.
Today is Day 1 of X! Day 1 of the edit of the next zero dark short film. Even though we already have a ruff cut. Recovering it makes it new again. A second chance and it begins now.