Negative Code #1 The Red Camera #1

You are an underwater explorer. You are leav- ing to explore the deepest oceans. You must find the lost city of Atlantis. This is your most challeng- ing assignment.

It is morning and the sun pushes up on the horizon. The sea is calm. You climb into the nar- row pilot's compartment of the underwater vessel Seeker with your special gear. The crew of the research vessel Maray screws down the hatch clamps. Now begins the plunge into the depths of the ocean. The Seeker crew begins lowering by a strong, but thin cable. Within minutes, you are so deep in the ocean that little light filters down to you. The silence is eerie as the Seeker slips deeper and deeper. You peer out the thick glass porthole and see fish drifting past, sometimes stopping to look at you—an intruder from another world.


Now the cable attaching you to Maray is ex- tended almost to its limit. You have come to rest on a ledge near the canyon in the ocean floor that supposedly leads to the lost city of Atlantis.

You have a special sea suit that will protect you from the intense pressure of the deep if you choose to walk about on the sea bottom. You can cut loose from the cable if you wish because the

Seeker is self-propelled. You are now in another world.


You find a typewriter.  On the type writer it says a bizzare riddle.

In vibrant red, I stand with grace, Capturing moments in every place. What am I, with lenses keen? A tool of sight, within a sheen.

What is it?

If the answer is a Net

If the answer is a Camera