Negative Code #1 The Red Camera Code #3

Your sea suit will protect you from the intense pressures of the deep. It is a tight fit and takes you some time to put it on. Finally you slip from the airlock of the Seeker and stand on the ocean floor. It is a strange and marvelous world where your every move is slowed down. You begin to explore with your special hand-held searchlight. You examine the ledge by the canyon.

Suddenly, a school of bright yellow angel fish dart by, almost brushing you. What made them move so fast? Are they being chased?

Then you see it. The Seeker is in the grips of a huge sea monster. It is similar to a squid, but it is enormous. The Seeker is just a toy in its long, powerful tentacles. You seek shelter behind a rock formation. You know the spear gun you carry will be useless against this monster. It looks as though it will destroy the Seeker. Fish of all sizes huddle with you in an attempt to escape the monster.


You find a typewriter.  On the type writer it says a bizzare riddle.

I'm the machine of old, with keys that click and clack, In days gone by, I helped the wordsmiths stay on track. Though silent now, in my prime, I roared and sung, Ink-stained fingers danced, as my melody was strung.

With QWERTY secrets, I hold tales untold, Unlocking worlds with each key's bold. Yet in museums now, I rest my might, A relic of the past, once a writer's delight.

What is it?

You find a typewriter.  On the type writer it says a bizzare riddle.Made of wood, with a roof of thatch, Inside, secrets hushed, no match. Amidst nature's embrace, I stand tall, A shelter for dreams, big and small. What am I, a humble abode, In the wilderness, my story's code.


If you think its a Fence

If you think its a Hut