Negative Code #1 The Red Camera Code #3

I followed the geo coordinates to a place that felt like it existed in another realm. Tucked away behind a residential area, an old wooden fence marked the boundary. Beyond it, two tiki huts beckoned, their allure undeniable despite the warning sign screaming "NO TRESPASSING." Ignoring the caution, I scaled the fence, driven by the anticipation of what lay ahead.

I scanned for clues, my mind consumed by the quest for the next riddle. But then, distant drumming shattered the silence, a primal rhythm that stirred unease within me. Peering through the foliage, I beheld a bizarre ritual unfolding before my eyes. Seven warriors, adorned in imposing Polynesian masks with malevolent visages, danced fervently around a blazing fire, their bodies adorned only with ropes. Entranced, I yearned for a closer look, but fate intervened as the tree against which I leaned betrayed me, sending me crashing to the ground.

Panic surged through me as I rose to find the warriors fixated on my presence. With every step backward, they advanced, a silent menace closing in. Realization dawned—this was no ordinary encounter; I had stumbled upon a clandestine gathering, a secret world veiled from the eyes of ordinary folk.

Determined to escape, I darted towards the hut in a frantic search for the elusive riddle, my mind racing with the urgency of survival. A spear grazed my ear striking the center of the hut. It shook the branch and a black film canister fell into my hands, its contents a mystery I dared not unravel in that moment.

Blocked from retreat by the ominous figures guarding the fence, I veered down another path, the pounding of my heart drowning out all rational thought. Exhausted and disoriented, I faced a crucial decision at a fork in the road. I turned and the coast was clear.

Shaken but not stirred, I retrieved the riddle, its words a cryptic puzzle demanding deciphering. I looked up in a fleeting moment of contemplation and WHOSH the massive wooden mask was in my FACE, its menace a chilling reminder of the perilous game I had stumbled into.

In the chaos of the moment, I surrendered to the riddle's guidance, trusting it to lead me to safety. With resolve born of desperation, I fled into the unknown, breathing so heavy I start to hyperventilate.  The path ahead uncertain, but the riddle can lead the way.

I found the message in the film cannister. The cryptic message spells out a riddle which reads.

I am a passage of mystery, a pathway to unknown realms, Yet in the depths, I am feared, where darkness overwhelms. Through my sharp entrance, there's light at the end whether your alive or dead.

What is it?


If you think its Hallway

If you think its a Shark