Cinerama Bleeding

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#1 Owned by Constantin Preda
The beloved Cinerama Dome which became home of Cinerama Technology a three screen projector immersive experience to give the viewer a real life experience closed during the Snap.  Not only should we be enraged that we let an Icon of cinema die but more over the death of Cinerama Technology the main experience the dome was meant for in the first place. 

Cinerama comes from Cine and Orama.  Orama means Wide View Of. 
Who ever buys the 1st gets 10% Interest on any subsequent shirt sold in the future.
  • Cinema isn't Dead It's Just Bleeding to Death.
  • Online Only. Not available in stores
  • This shirt shows that we will bleed to fight for cinema.
  • Wearing this shirt shows that you've got a wide field of view.