Negative Code #1 The Red Camera Code #7a

The Flower Girl's smile brightens the grim scene as I confidently whisper the answer to her riddle. A sense of triumph washes over me as she plucks a flower from her bosom and presents it to the gathered cultists. Suddenly, like shadows dispersing in the morning light, the cult evaporates into thin air. Bewildered, I glance around, trying to make sense of the sudden exodus, but before I can grasp what's happening, she seizes my hand and pulls me away, her urgency palpable.

As we dash through the labyrinthine corridors, she begins to skip, and I, caught up in her whimsy, join her in the dance. Though my mind reels with confusion and apprehension, I play along, channeling my inner farm boy in a surreal frolic. Abruptly, she halts, producing a film canister from beneath her skirt. Instinctively, I recoil, but she draws me close, her voice a hushed whisper against my ear.

In chilling tones, she warns me of imminent danger—a death ray poised to strike melting my brain should I stray from her side. I scoff at the absurdity until I look up, only to find the intricate lattice above resembling the ancient symbol of the flower of life. Panic grips me as she confesses her role in my potential demise, but her touch reassures me of her sincerity.

With a sense of urgency, she presses the film canister into my trembling hand, urging me to flee to safety when she gives the signal. As she bids me farewell and shouts the command, I bolt like a hunted animal, the echo of her defiant struggle with the cultists ringing in my ears.

At the top of the parking garage, I pause, cautiously surveying my surroundings. With trembling hands, I open the film canister, revealing not only another flower but also a piece of film wrapped around its stem—a clue to the next puzzle in this surreal game of life and death.

As I prepare to make my final escape, the weight of her warning hangs heavy in the air. I vow never to delve into another riddle, lest I risk stumbling into another labyrinth of peril. With one last glance back at the enigmatic Flower Girl, I vanish into the night, the promise of adventure and danger lingering in the air.

To be continued...