Negative Code #1 The Red Camera Code #6

The golf cart jolted as it emerged from the dark confines of the tunnel, depositing me into the heart of a bustling theme park. Before me loomed a majestic castle, its turrets piercing the sky like spears of ancient stone. Drawn by curiosity, I approached and tentatively knocked on the heavy doors, which creaked open with an eerie slowness.

Stepping inside, I suddenly felt the ground tremble beneath me. Glancing down, I realized I was standing on a moving platform, whisking me away to unknown heights. With a sudden rush, the platform shot upward, carrying me to the tower's summit. Walls peeled away to reveal a breathtaking vista stretching for miles, a panorama of awe-inspiring beauty.

But as swiftly as it opened, the window slammed shut, plunging me into darkness. The platform lurched into motion once more, twisting and turning until I found myself enclosed within a prison of iron bars. Peering into the dimly lit cells, I was startled to find them occupied by eerie female mannequins, frozen in scenes from long-forgotten movies.

But with every blink, their eerie stillness is shattered as they inch closer, their plastic features snap into new poses and now they’re fixated on me. Desperate to avoid their advancing grasp, I fight the urge to blink, holding my gaze steady as they extend their arms through the bars towards me. Trying not to look at them I focus my attention up ahead and find an open cell with two men poised with old cameras, their intent unclear and unsettling.

In a moment of defiance, I retrieve my own camera, aiming to document the strange scene before me. Startled by my actions, the men hastily conceal their cameras, their motives now suspect. One snaps a flash photo causing me to blink. As my eyes open a mannequin is in my face her arms extended at my throat. I stumble backward, inadvertently triggering a mechanism that sends me reeling into the unknown depths of the prison.

As I landed amidst an open graveyard orgy of skeletons intertwined with mannequin parts, a chilling realization dawned upon me. These were not mere props but the creations of a twisted mind, a mad scientist blending humanity with plastic. The revelation masked my sheer terror and when i realized i was still in danger I shot up at my back and was kneeling before a throne. I slowly look up to gaze upon a female skeletal figure still clutching an old 8mm camera to her empty eye socket. Something between her bone legs catches my eye. A film canister.

This must be the next clue, a riddle to unravel amidst the haunting silence of the abandoned castle. With each step forward, I braced myself for the horrors yet to come, determined to uncover the truth hidden within these haunted halls.


In the tangle of vines, I'm hidden from view, the Mazes gateway and jaws that ensue. Through me, one finds freedom, the end in sight, What am I, hinging on the jaws of bite?

What is it?

If you think its a Exit Door

If you think its Jaws of Doom