Negative Codes #2 Chaos


The cultural definition of the word "chaos" primarily denotes disorder, confusion, and a lack of organization. In everyday language, chaos is often associated with a state of tumultuous unpredictability.

However, when we delve into its etymology, we discover completely inverted origin. The word "chaos" traces its roots to ancient Greek mythology, where it originally meant "empty space" or "void." It referred to the primordial state before the creation of the cosmos, characterized by formlessness and emptiness.

Chaos theory or how one microscopic change can cause massive upheaval across the world.  is one way in which society has created stress based spells that invert our ability to create worlds out of nothingness.  We don't even try to create our own reality because we're too busy dealing with the stress of everyday life. 

if we revert to its original spell Chaos becomes a good thing.  A void zen state where by which we begin to form our preferred reality.  We remove the stress of the world and return to the Chaos.

The the inverse of the word Chaos disrupts our creation mechanism and stress reducing powers. This inversion underscores the dynamic and, at times, intentionally manipulated nature of language.