Negative Codes #1 Practice


 In a social context, "practice" is often associated with the act of repeatedly performing an activity or task to improve one's skills or achieve mastery. It signifies dedication, discipline, and commitment in honing a particular skill or profession, underscoring its practical importance in our daily lives. However, its etymology, derived from the Greek word "praktikos," meaning "fit for action," has a completely different connotation. It emphasizes the intrinsic link between practice and readiness for action, highlighting that practice is not just about repetition but about being already prepared and capable, making it a fundamental concept in personal and professional being.

We have been programmed to think that repeatedly dong something is the same thing as doing it on game day.  this is completely inverted from how Humans tend to learn.  Interestingly, when you perform in an athletic game you are said to be playing.  However a game is very stressful.  It contains real world opposition and risk.  When we are training for a game this is when we should be at play.  learning in a non stress non risk environment so that when we are ready for the game.  We are fit.  We belong there we are ready for the action.  This is practice.  The two words are inverted.  the result is a learned acceptance of stress that should never be there in the first place.