You ony need one light

In the darkness, we often find ourselves afraid and uncertain of what lies ahead. We cling to our sources of light, seeking comfort and safety in their glow. But what if I told you that you only need one light to reveal incredible magic in the darkness? Most movies are shot with many many lights but often you only need one light to cast a mood. To light a scene to create magic. Often its what is being said but the character is expressing that is the true magic. The light simply reveals it.

The darkness is where all of our potential lies. Sometimes, when things look bleak and hopeless, this is just the place to find things that no one realized were there. Things that, once revealed, could change the world.

But in order to find these hidden treasures, we must first seek them out. We must be willing to venture into the darkness and use our light to reveal them. In your fears are your greatest treasures. In cinema, its what we're afraid of that creates the thrills and the chills. No movie can thrive with out some form of drama, suspense, mystery or dramatic irony. all these emotions are hiding in the dark in our fears.

The same can be said for our own lives. When we face difficult times and feel like all hope is lost, we must not give up. Instead, we must seek out the light within ourselves and use it to illuminate our path forward.

It can be scary to face our fears and confront the unknown. But we must remember that sometimes the greatest discoveries and accomplishments come from taking risks and pushing beyond our comfort zones. Making a movie is one of the ultimate risks and grueling experiences going past everyones comfort zones.

So the next time you find yourself in the darkness, don't be afraid. Embrace it. Use your light to reveal the incredible magic that lies within, and who knows what you might discover?