Digital Video is like a Blank Note

My latest super 8mm film shot in Venice Beach, California, centers around a blank note placed on a barren beach. The Blank Note represents digital video void of life, a world where convenience and instant gratification have replaced the timeless pleasures of art, culture, and creativity. Directed by Constantin Preda and Starring Tara Price. Cinematography by Adam Arnali
While the world of digital video is all about efficiency, the art of film-making is all about capturing the essence of life itself. Film stores the light of the world in silver halide crystals, and through its unique, almost magical properties, has the power to affect the human element in ways that digital video simply cannot.
In my film, the barren beach symbolizes the lack of interest in actual films among the masses. People are more interested in consuming content on social media and streaming platforms than in experiencing the magic of a well-made film. It's a sad state of affairs, but one that we must confront head-on.
Through the lens of my camera, I wanted to bring attention to the power of film and the importance of storytelling in our lives. The Blank Note buried in the sand is a metaphor for the lost art of storytelling that films once embodied. Just like someone may stumble upon the blank note and discover its message, there will always be those who seek out the beauty of true art and the timeless magic of film.
It's time to reclaim the lost art of storytelling and appreciate the beauty of film as it was meant to be experienced. In doing so, we can bring back the lost art of film and with it, a piece of our humanity that has been lost in the digital age.
In a world where people are sucked into the void of digital video, it's easy to forget the transformative power of the cinematic experience. But just like the note buried in the sand, there is hope that people will rediscover the beauty of film and the human element that it can bring into our lives.